Say Hello to Your Happy Brain

Join us for a live Q&A Event 

with industry specialist Anne Ellett

June 24th, 6 PM Eastern time

Many people don't start thinking about how they can keep their brains healthy until they have noticed some changes.

In this live Facebook Q&A event, Anne will:

  • Show us how to help keep our brains healthy
  • Discuss lifestyle changes that can decrease our risks of developing types of dementia
  • Discover the lifestyle choices that will help protect our brains in the long run

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Presented by Anne Ellett


Anne Ellett, certified Nurse Practitioner and Gerontological Nurse, is an educator, writer and speaker who consults with senior living communities to support innovative care for their residents.



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Contest Terms and Conditions:

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All winners of the virtual cooking class will be notified by email at 12 PM Eastern Time on Friday, June 25th.