Seniority Matters

Great News - The Vaccine is Coming

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Our state has prioritized seniors living in community settings to be in the first groups to receive the COVID vaccine! That means that our residents will get the vaccine before older adults living at home.

If you have been considering senior living, there has never been a better time to move-in than right now. Our residents will receive two doses of the vaccine over the course of three weeks and begin to build up their immunity.

Be among the first to get back to life, hug your family and have more peace of mind.

Move-in soon to be part of our vaccination program. Contact us to schedule your virtual tour today!

Our 3 Fundamental Principles


Renewal of the individual growth process

We assist each resident in identifying new goals or renewing lost passions so they can continue to grow mentally, socially and spiritually.


Deepening of the spiritual experience

We emphasize the spiritual dimension of aging since it often has deep roots that can help connect meaningful experiences from childhood to the present.


Lifelong learning in furthering intellectual pursuits

We partner with local colleges and organizations to provide a lecture series to help foster intellectual growth for our residents that can be easily shared with family and friends.